Tuesday, December 14, 2010

You Are Not a Democracy

The Quantum Vision for Living begins here, with this simple declaration - "You are NOT a Democracy." Rather, you are a monarchy. You are a King or a Queen - of your own world, that is. Each of us has the world around us that we live in. It can be up to you to determine how your world will look.

Picture a kingdom - have fun making the picture in your mind, because this is your kingdom. You are the monarch. You are the King - or you are the Queen. Of course you have your castle, and surrounding your castle are the outlying structures in your kindgom. You have ultimate control of your castle, and you have varying levels of control of the entire kingdom, and you have limited or no control of the world beyond your kingdom.

You are the vision maker and the vision keeper of your kingdom and especially your castle. You set the rules, you set the tone, you set the vision. Of course there are things happening all around you - in the world, in your kingdom, in your castle - that effect the decisions you make and may help to mold your vision, but you make the decisions. These decisions are based on your values. Your value system is truly and uniquely yours. It is your core, and your governing decisions are based on it.

If our entire world were within this framework - we could observe that many people do not rule their own kingdom. They let decisions for their life be made by others, or by fate (in that they are not active in the decisions of their life). There are those in our world who allow their values to be formed by the world, or by certain people in their court. There are those who do not understand or believe that they can be the Kings and Queens of their own dominions, and they suffer by not being fulfilled or happy.

The Quantum Vision for Living seeks to empower individuals everywhere to understand and believe the power, opportunity and responsibility they have over their own lives, and to realize that many of the decisions they make - (or let be made for them) - affect others in the world. This can be to the benefit of society, or to society's detriment. Again, a choice is to be made and a path is to be chosen. What choices will you make? What path will you choose?

The Quantum Vision integrates positivity, philosophy, logic, science and good old-fashioned common sense to allow you to ascend the throne of your kingdom, or strengthen the reign of your monarchy.

Permit yourself to be the King or the Queen, and learn how to rule more effectively so your kingdom will thrive and you as a ruler will achieve everything you desire and more.