Thursday, February 3, 2011

The Powerful People in Your Court

As the King or Queen of your domain, you have the ultimate say in what you do and how you do it. But the most powerful people and the most successful leaders have their wise and trusted counselors around them. The President has his cabinet, the CEO has his trusted advisers, the Hollywood star has his entourage. You should have that too. But the most important voices in your ear should be your inner counselors and advisers. At the heart of it, you will know what is best for you. Of course you will take into account the wisdom, guidance and even warnings of those whose counsel you trust, but the decisions should be yours.

For those who practice the Quantum Vision, there are 4 voices and personalities which are of utmost importance. The Scientist, the Sage, your Chief Engineer and the Captain of your Labor Force. These are some of the most highly regarded members of your court - and they are all aspects of you.

The Scientist brings you logical and quantifiable data from cause and effect relationships in our universe. The entire Quantum Vision program is based on the very same laws that govern our universe. Newton's Laws of Motion are a cornerstone for the Quantum Vision that serve as a blueprint for your efforts to constantly move forward as you realize your vision.

The Sage brings you wisdom and understanding to translate the scientific data to your own uses. The Sage also provides you with support and encouragement - the means to lift you up and help you move forward when the going gets tough and the challenges seem insurmountable. The Sage helps you discover your core values - the energies and emotions that drive you and provide the base for every decision and choice you make.

The Chief Engineer is the architect of your Vision. To know where you are going and what you want to accomplish requires you to know what it is you are after. The Chief Engineer in you will provide you the means to take the ethereal thoughts and transfer them to physical plans - a model you can see - a tactile, physical and visual version of what it is you want and desire. The Chief Engineer is the part of you that will draw up the plans that will regulate what you will do from this point forward to achieve that which you envision.

The Captain of your Labor Force is the key individual to getting your vision realized. Undoubtedly the lowest in status of the 4 individuals discussed but arguably the most important. This is the nuts and bolts. It's great to have a vision, to understand yourself and feel encouraged, and to recognize the natural elements of your universe that can help you or hinder you, but it is the Captain of your Labor Force who will help you get it done on a day to day basis, to lay the foundation for your vision, to see the physical actualization of that which you envision.

With these 4 elements at work for you in your life, there is nothing you cannot accomplish.

As a great and powerful monarch, everything you've ever dreamed possible will be yours. You will constantly be moving forward toward that goal - that vision.